With an abundance of businesses and restaurants to choose from, customers are most attracted to those that are trendy and offer an interactive user experience. Whether it is simply just a variety of items being advertised and ordered on a PC or making reservations from a smart phone while on the road, TREC is pre-designed to be used for all types of businesses and will give your business the exposure that it needs.

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Custom Private Label Advertising & Ordering Apps

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One Price. Two Apps And A Website


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Our unique advertising platform allows the merchant to promote their business,
products, and services on the web and app stores.

Customers would review and order products and/or services directly from a merchant
through this advertising and sales platform.

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Testimonial from a Merchant utilizing TREC

We began using TREC at both of our 24 hour deli locations . The Trec app has not only served to make us more efficient in terms of dramatically decreasing our order to service time, but also has had a tremendous impact on limiting employee error. Of course these factors have contributed positively to our bottom line, but we have also noted an increase in our overall volume, particularly among the younger/ more tech savvy base.

Scott F V.P.

Camerons - The 24/7 Deli

Testimonial from a TREC app end-use customer

I have been a daily customer at Camerons 24/7 for many years. On a typical workday I order lunch for 10-12 of my employees and pick it up to deliver to them on their jobsites. The Trec app has been amazing as it has given me back the time I used to spend waiting at the counter for an order as large as mine at a busy time of day. Great deli with now even greater customer service!

Joe Aversa


Aversa Landscaping

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