Terms And Conditions

Once a firearm has been purchased, please contact the Lateral Limits staff at 972-836-0565 to confirm details. ALL FFL RULES APPLY.

There is a NO RETURN POLICY on all firearms, ammunition, and consumables. This is whether you purchase in store or online.

Depending on where the item(s) is shipped, the shipping amount may increase.



A firearm can be purchased online, and then picked up in the store at no additional cost (such as shipping or transfer fees), must bring valid State ID.

                -The ATF Form 4473 will be filled out in store, and background check will be conducted (unless you possess a valid TX LTC)

                -Active Duty military must bring in a physical copy of their orders, showing residency in TX.

Long-Guns can be transferred to residents of TX, LA, OK, AR, or NM, if they are at least 18 years or older.

Hand-Guns, Frames, Receivers, or “Other” Firearms can only be transferred to residents of TX, if they are at least 21 years or older.




If you are not local to the Garland, TX area, and wish to have a firearm shipped to you, we can easily arrange this. Once you have placed an order for a firearm, please call us to confirm details.

It is NOT our responsibility to look up the legalities of firearms in your respective states, that is on you. If your purchased firearm is not legal in your state, and does not ship, the customer will incur a 25% restocking fee. Please ensure the legality of your firearm before purchasing. Your best bet is to call your local gun shop to inquire.

                -Once you decide on a receiving FFL, please call us to give us their contact information. Unfortunately, we do not have time to track down receiving FFL’s.

                -Please confirm details with them.. (transfer fees, if they are accepting transfers, and when they are available for pick-up) (Some are home-based FFL’s)

                -Please allow up to one week for processing out of our shop. It will most likely be shipped much sooner however.

                -If you do not pass your background check at your respective FFL, they can only transfer to the person I put on the invoice, no exceptions. If the firearm is returned to Lateral Limits, the              customer will incur return shipping costs and a 50% restocking fee.

                -Tracking info will be sent to you as soon as it is prepped in our system.



We happily accept transfers that are legal in the state of TX. We do prefer a courtesy “heads-up” of the incoming firearm.

FFL’s can be sent to info@laterallimits.com OR call 972-836-0565


Price for transfer is $25 for all long guns, handguns, and frames.

“Other” Firearms is $30.

LEO, Veteran, Active Military, or 1st Responder is $20.


Please let your sending FFL know the following details:

  1. We need a hard-copy of their FFL “File-Copy.”
  2. Need the customer’s full name, email, and phone number.
  3. We need a copy of the invoice with make, model, and serial number





Keenan Allemond, Owner
Lateral Limits

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