About Us

	Chef Nikki's journey into the world of veganism begin after a 21-day detox 3 years ago. As seen through her own personal experiences of losses and observations, Nikki began exploring the major effects diet can have on the mind, body, & spirit. It set Nikki to discover that being active and having better eating habits, can add years to your life. Nikki’s first step of Veganism was through all-natural juicing, and flavorful cooking of alternative plant-based products and produce. 


	This, along with her travels & exploration of diverse food cultures, led Nikki’s home-based experiments, to growing recipes and clientele willing to see the once-distant light of veganism as a realistic lifestyle, to live "GREAT & AMAZING"! 
Sunshine Vegan Eats

893 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, NY

(716) -725-0284

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